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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lots of Action!

Well this week AND weekend has been eventful :)

I haven't been keeping down food for some reason and just miserable trying to eat even a small meal. Friday, I had had enough! I went to the doctor and couldn't take the pain anymore. I have had a pain under my chest, but above my baby belly....I thought it was just "normal" pregnancy pains, for goodness sakes I am have three babies in there. However, when I started balling and said to my doctor "can we please do something about it" she realized I was not kidding and it was normal "pregnancy" pain. (Would have helped if I would have told her in December when it started) Dr. Romberg wanted me to check into Labor and Delivery Observation at Baylor to run some tests. I headed home packed a bag, waited for Jack and headed back to Dallas. We checked into the hospital and after waiting and more waiting, blood work and a few other tests, the last test ordered required at least 6 hours of an empty stomach. Also, the staff to run the test was low and I would have had to stay over night, which there was no need. So, after doctors approval they sent me home with an appointment Monday to take a look at my gallbladder. They are pretty sure this is what is causing the pain. So, Monday at 8 am I will know more!

NO worries, the babies are ALL fine! They are moving and all heart beats sound great. I didn't have my growth appointment this week, however so no new sono pics yet. But, I am sure this week that appointment will be rescheduled.

Now to the good news!!!!
The babies beds are in! (Thank you Mom, Rick, Dad and Denise!!) Jack and I went to Rockwall Saturday afternoon to pick up the baby beds at Wal-Mart. Let me just say that Site to Store at Wal-Mart is ingenious!! NO shipping cost!!! You can imagine the looks we got as we strolled through Wal-Mart.

After the baby bed stop we went to Babies 'r Us to pick up the matresses. (Thank you Aunt Jane!) We also registered for a few other things we thought of since the last time we were there.

Putting one baby bed was pretty fun. I love quality time with my man, so sitting on the floor reading directions, listening to Johnny Cash with pizza sitting in the box to eat is fun. I know I'm weird, but I totally enjoyed this Saturday night date. One bed was enough challenge, so we are going to put the other 2 together at another time. I think it looks great though!! OH, and that's a car seat we got this week! (Thank you Katie & Keres!!)

Tomorrow is my first baby shower and I can't wait! Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers as Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace continue to grow. God is good!!!

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Jennifer said...

Hi Amanda, it's Jennifer (Bryson) Culp. I saw your blog address on facebook so I had to check it out, I love blogs! They are such a great way to keep up with people! I started one when my daughter Madison was born, You look amazing and it sounds like you are getting ready for your three little miracles.