Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Friday, January 22, 2010

23 weeks TODAY...cook babies cook!

This is a HUGE milestone, as the babies are now considered "viable" and if, God forbid, they are born the NICU will help assist keep them alive. BUT, these babies are cookin' so that won't be the case. Cook babies cook!!!!!!!

This morning was very eventful! Here is a breakdown before noon:
Ate breakfast, eggs, bacon, hash browns, biscuit, fruit, juice and coffee. Mmmmm it was good, really.
Vitals taken, and vitamins and antibiotics swallowed.
IV taken OUT. Wahooooooooo, I can go to the bathroom without help!
Steroid shot in the leg. Ouch, big needle!
Jack left for work. Poor guy has slept on a plastic chair/couch for 2 nights, Lord knows he is tired.
Mom got here and I got breakfast again. Remember 4400 calories a day! Not sure how that will happen.
Shower taken.
Fresh PJ's on.
Mary Kay face on. There is something about getting ready that makes you feel better!
And finally, before noon...2 nurses came in with large monitors and a lot of gear. Let me share details on this eventful part of the day. It was very interesting.

3 belts were added to each area of my stomach where the babies are located. The 4th belt was placed in the middle of my belly to monitor contractions. The goal for the monitoring was to get each babies heart rate for at least 20 minutes. All three at the same time!! So, as you can imagine it took quite a while to get each baby in the right spot and convince them not to move. However, the nurses were SO impressed. The amount of time it took to get all 3 heart rates for 20 minutes took only about 45 minutes. They told me the "normal" time for getting all 3 heart rates for triplets was at least 2 hours! Go Self's!! Wyatt was the squirmy one, go figure. Abigail moved when Wyatt moved...I'm sure he kicked her. And Jessy, the sweet little thing stayed in the same spot the entire time. Each baby also had steady heart rates in the 140's to 150's and occasionally would show a quick increase in heart rate on the monitor. The nurse said this was a great sign, as it shows their neurological area of their brain is responding well. For instance when we as adults are quick to move, or find something that is different from just sitting, our heart rate will slightly increase and then go back to "normal." So, that is a great sign at 23 weeks. Proud momma right here.

This afternoon was filled with great visitors. Mimi and Papa, David Bolton and Josh & Brooke Forner. I got great goodies and managed to score a lot of chocolate and sugar today. Maybe that will help with the 4400 calories?!?! Dad is staying with me tonight to give Jack a rest. However, I am not sure how much the poor guy will rest. He is home, and Denise is there....with a to-do list and hasn't answered his phone all night, so I have a feeling he is a work horse. He has been wonderful and very helpful! HONEY, the babies thank you!!!

Tonight the prenatal masseuse came back and worked on my back again and for now ice on my back will have to be the solution. This is fun too, my nurse tonight is Christina Brothers from Church so she will be taking care of me and babies through the weekend!

All great news for the past 2 days....God is so good!


Bethany Pirttima said...

It took them 45 minutes to get the belt situated on me to monitor one... so glad your kids are cooperating!

Heather said...

Yayyyyy! All sounds good! Love the pics! You look smaller than I DO w/ just the ONE baking in there! lol! *two thumbs up* on the good work momma! Keep it up!