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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend update

The weekend was great, very productive and fun. Friday Kathy called and told me about a triplet mom in Dallas who was having a garage sale. I called mom and she went over and had a blast! The mother was so sweet and her babies now 22 months had great gently used items. She also still had her triplet stroller that I planned to get, so we snatched it up! Wow, there is nothing really "cute" about this stroller, however totally functional. It holds the Graco Snugride Infant car seats, so just like the car seats snap into the base of the car, the car seat snaps into the stroller. This should last us for awhile, at least until the babies grow out of the infant car seats. I can sure imagine the looks we will get!

We had our Christmas party with the ladies from church, and let me tell you it was not your "normal" church lady gathering :) I will just keep it at that! Let's just say, people have talents I had no idea even existed....good times!

Saturday Jack and I got up late and lounged around through the afternoon. I had a skin care class and Jack worked on projects in his garage through the day. He builds, welds and designs more than anyone I have ever known. Pretty amazing how crafty and handy he is. Saturday night I had another Christmas party with my cousins and had a blast visiting and hanging out with them. Sunday we went to church and Jack left for East Texas to check out a new hunting lease with guys from church. I spent most of the day relaxing and met Alex (high school best friend) for dinner, Starbucks and Home Depot stop. I got another sample of the "green" paint I plan to use for the nursery. The first sample was too lime-y :) this new color is lighter and I think will work as the color.

I am feeling good. I spent lots of time this evening looking at the Triplet Connection website, reading the forums and other triplet blogs. I have been concerned lately because so many people look at my belly and say "you don't look like your are 17 weeks pregnant with triplets." Well...I am. And I eat! I started checking out other triplet blogs and looking at the archived pictures of other women during the 17-20 week period. Some bigger some the same, but I guess if my doctor is not concerned, I can't be concerned. The babies are getting what they need, obviously because each week they are growing.

I go back this Wednesday and I will mention to my nurse what concern and see what she says. Wow, it is amazing what is to come over the next several weeks. So many changes not only to my body, but also to the babies and how every week is such a huge milestone for them. Needless to say I spent a LOT of time on the internet today. Here is something I was amazed by, the same infant car seat, pack and play and swing were SIGNIFICANTLY less in price at Wal-Mart than Babies r Us. I had originally registered at Babies r Us for all of these items, but when I noticed the infant car seat was $30 less at Wal-Mart, I made the switch. I still have both registries, but gosh those items times 3 add up!

Here is the bed I like and think it may be the one we go with, who knows....I may change my mind :)


Lucas and Meghan said...

Amanda, remember that each pregnancy is so different and everyone carries their babies differently. I hardly gained any weight at first and then one month I gained over 10 one month. That trend continued for the rest of my pregnancy. It is hard not to worry (I know I did) and not worrying is easier said then done. Just wanted to say you look PERFECT!

Shelly Adame said...

I have my registry at Walmart for the same reason! And I get the same remarks right now about being pregnant with twins...that I should be bigger by now! Trust me-the babies are fine and we will have plenty of time to be "big" enough for EVERYONE at the end...!

Becca - said...

You look adorable......and just perfect. Ignore other peoples comments about not looking big enough. What do they know? ha! I'm so happy for you. I love reading about it all!! Thanks for all the updates! Blogs are the best!!