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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Thursday, August 19, 2010

4 Months Old

Time goes TOO fast! I look back over the past 4 months and while I know it was hard, tiring and every day seemed like ground hog day…I would not take it back for anything! I have so much fun with these babies every day and am so blessed to have the privilege to stay home to hold, laugh, rock and play with them. They are changing so much and we are blessed with their continued health.

Our 4 month check up was great! The pediatrician was so pleased with their progress and happy with their development and growth. They LOVED playing on the paper at the doctor’s office. It was hilarious to watch them all kick and get so excited with the noise the paper made.

At 4 months these amazing triplets are sleeping through the night. We changed the feeding schedule to 8 am, 12 noon, 4 pm and 8 pm. The babies go to sleep right after the 8 pm feeding and don’t normally wake up until about 7 or 7:30 the following morning. Occasionally one will wake themselves up through the night, but they normally go right back to sleep. I am SO grateful for them being such awesome sleepers. I attribute it to the schedule and swaddling, but who knows it may all be different next month.
Here are what each of them are doing at 4 months:

Abigail Ruth
Sweet Abigail…you will hear that phrase a lot around the house. Out of the 3, Abigail is the most calm and mild natured. Because of this trait, she is usually the last one to eat if there are only 2 people to feed, she doesn’t get all worked up like the other 2. Her smile is the most adorable thing you have ever seen, it is a wide open mouth smile. She will talk and talk to anyone who will have a conversation with her, and she holds her head up the best too. She is so funny, and is an overall happy baby. Abigail weighs 11 pounds 2 ounces and is 23.75 inches long. Her eyes are still very blue, and we think they might stay that way. She loves to swing in the car seat travel swing and loves her pacy. She still does well being swaddled at night and sleeps well at night. She loves the lights on the play mat and also loves facing forward in my wrap I wear around the house.

Wyatt Michael
Wyatt loves to smile! He is in a great mood in the morning and you can for sure catch several laughs when he first wakes up. When you get his smile going, you can often get a few laughs out loud, too precious! Wyatt still loves his pappazon swing and also really enjoys kicking and playing on the play mat or anywhere on the floor really. He is growing out of his belly troubles for the most part and has really done well sleeping through the night. He is a great eater and his stats show it at 14 pounds 10 ounces. He is 24 inches long and developmentally is right on track. His eyes have a green tint, but are also pretty dark so we aren’t sure if they will turn brown or stay more dark hazel. He has a lot more hair than the girls and right now is 3-6 month clothes. He is moving his body to the side a little, but we are working on his strength to move more to his side and eventually over. When he can get control of his head, he can hold it well, but sometimes it takes him a minute…he has a big noggin’! He loves watching the hunting channel with dad, or so his dad thinks ;)

Jessy Grace
Jessy Grace is quite the Daddy’s girl. Almost nightly, you can find her fast asleep on Jack’s chest after she has had her night bottle. Her legs are so strong and she loves to try to stand when you hold her up. She is a kicker too, and it is our bet she will be the first to roll over…she is SO close! Jessy weighs 11 pounds 8 ounces and is 23.75 inches long. Her eyes are a grayish brown, so we are thinking they may turn dark brown. She is eating and burping much better and is not throwing up near the amount as she did in previous months. She has grown out of her wedge and harness, but still likes to be swaddled when she goes to bed. Jessy Grace is sleeping well through the night, but when she naps during the day she prefers to be rocked to sleep and then put in her swing. She loves the play mat too, but is very content in the arms of anyone who will hold her.

We have a lot to look forward to in the next 2 months! Soon we will have babies moving and grooving all over our house! Now that should be interesting!!!

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