Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Friday, August 27, 2010

Special Friends

We have so many people who play a special role in the life of our babies. We don’t always get pictures of everyone, but here are a few people who are around quite a bit.

Kathy and David are like family. They are an amazing couple who have been a special part of our journey here in Royse City, specifically for our marriage and the birth of the triplets. They would drop anything at anytime to help us if we needed it.

Chrystel is a friend I met just by chance...amazing! She is a blessing! Kind, tender hearted and so giving. Chrystel and her daughter Madde are in love with the babies. These girls come over and play dress up like you would not believe! I am so grateful for how many times they come to my "rescue" when I am alone or just need a helping hand.

Lezlee and Madi Berry are amazing friends from our Church. At a young age, this Madi is all about some babies, and can make each of our babies go from a cry to a smile in seconds. Lezlee is a wonderful friend with a huge heart, I am so grateful for our friendship.
She loves her some Jessy Grace.

We had a blast hanging out with Jeanette and her son Landon. Jeanette came over to help with the babies, but we also went to her house one afternoon for a visit! We had a wonderful time on our outing, but even more are so grateful for friendship of Jeanette. She is a special Mary Kay friend who loves the babies!
The babies sure aren't shy of anyone new...that's for sure :)

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