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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marine Corp Birthday & 6 Years Ago!!

Happy 235th Birthday Marines! What a great day of celebration for the United States Marine Corps and the men and women who have served and continue to serve.

I must share this story, because as many of you know this blog will be turned into a book for the babies to have so I have to give them a few good stories of Mommy and Daddy pre-triplet days.

On the weekend of November 10th, the Marine Corp Birthday Ball weekend, in Las Vegas Nevada your Daddy proposed to me and we became engaged to be married! Here is how it all happened....

We came to Las Vegas a few days before the ball. All of this was pre-planned, but Jack had already had spoken with my parents, designed and ordered the ring and created all the details of the proposal. On the evening of the 10th we walked the strip in Las Vegas and ended up going into the Bellagio Hotel to look around.

Somehow we ended up near all the fancy stores and since Jack new I loved handbags thought it would be a good idea to head to the Hermes Paris store. LOTS of great handbags! I thought to myself, "surely I am not going to pick out a purse from here!! Look at the prices!" Instead we browsed and Jack wanted to go to the balcony where 2 chairs "conveniently waited" for us to sit.

The chairs were outside at the time...

We visited for a second and enjoyed the view, when all of a sudden the Bellagio waterfall and music show started, and the water show was all in PINK lights! I think I said something like "wow, I can't believe those are PINK! That is perfect!!" The next thing I knew Jack was on one knee professing his love to me and asking my hand in marriage. Of course I said "yes" but was in more shock on how he got this all planned!!! I wanted to know if he talked to my parents and how exactly he pulled this off, I was so excited! And the ring, it was/is beautiful! The pink waterfall had been orchestrated just for the occasion, and was set up with the manager of the Bellagio hotel to go off at 10 pm....just the time we sat in the 2 seats outside Hermes Paris store.

Here is a view the next day from the balcony.

What a start to a wonderful weekend!!

The Marine Corps Ball was the following night. The Ball is always a fun night with food, drinks, dancing...oh and men all dressed up looking very sharp! Here are a few pictures from the Ball.

Here are Mike and Jen. Mike was Jack's roommate until we all got married. They are like an old married couple themselves, but I am so grateful to know Jen....she is a wonderful friend and we have cried on each other's shoulder many a times as our husbands were deployed.

Jack presenting The Colors before the ceremony began.

A group shot of as many of the 3rd Battalion 7th many of them as we could get at least.

What a wonderful engagement weekend it was! I am blessed beyond measure and it truly is amazing how far we have come in 6 years. I look back and see how we have changed, and how our life has progressed. The many trials, tribulations, the laughter, the tears and the memories. I am so grateful to have shared that with you honey. I love you. What a wonderful memory and celebration on this November 10th holiday!

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