Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Monday, November 8, 2010

New Table

We are so grateful to our friends, Michelle and Brent Huse who were so generous and thoughtful to pass down this great table! It is just perfect for the triplets!
Abigail isn't quite sure about sitting back in her seat, but the second Wyatt and Jessy Grace sit down they are ready to eat. It is a great addition to the "Self Daycare" we have going on, hehe. I am excited to not only use it to feed the babies at the table, but also so they can color, play and stay in one place...for now....

The babies are changing every day! I will post a 7 month old update this week. They are all getting so big. All babies are cutting teeth, rolling over, getting better at sitting up and are just so much fun!

This weekend we all sort of caught a cold so for the past few days it has been wild and crazy around here. I had it all under control, then Saturday night it hit me and Sunday I was worthless. Thanks goodness for my Mom who came Saturday, then Jack got home a day early from hunting Sunday and Mimi came to help take over with Jack Sunday night. Today has been a good day of recovery, but the girls and I are still snotty and a little congested....Wyatt has stood strong! I am hoping tomorrow we are all better and ready for a good week!