Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Quest Baby Dedication

Our fabulous Church home had a Baby Dedication ceremony on Sunday. It was a wonderful experience to share with our Church family, as so many of them prayed for the healthy arrival of our babies. A Baby Dedication is a ceremony in which believing parents, and sometimes entire families, make a commitment before the Lord to submit a child to God's will and to raise that child according to God's Word and God's ways.

Here we are on stage. Mimi has Abigail, I have Jessy and Jack has Mr. Wyatt.

After the church service we all came back to our house for lunch and fellowship. Of course pictures were could they not be!!

Little Miss Abigail

Ha, Mr. Wyatt....looks like a little school boy.

And hammin' it up is Jessy Grace....

The Great Grandparents, Mimi and Papa
Dad and Denise...

Mom and Rick...

The Mom and Dad...

After lunch it was playtime and of course with Madi there, it was lots of fun for the trips!
It was a very special day and we are so grateful for family and friends who came to celebrate with us! Mimi, Papa, Dad, Denise, Mom, Rick, Chrystel and Madde, Mike and Robin and the Berry Family.

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