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Monday, February 15, 2010

4 Weeks Already!?!?

Can you believe it has been 4 weeks since all this happened!? Wow, overall really, it has gone by fast. The slowest part was for sure the hospital, home has gone by quick. I am forever grateful for the people who have come to feed, entertain and check on me. As of now I am good to go with things to keep me busy.

Here are a few things that I am thankful to have close to me while on bedrest:
Laptop computer
Cell phone
Big jug that came from Baylor to drink all the water I need
My 3D pictures of my babies
Thank you notes
TIVO'd shows
LOTS of pillows

My Valentine was super good to me! Jack is really good at gifts. He remembers little things I say or when I see something makes good mental note. He had me open my gifts before my shower on Saturday, as he got me a really cute shirt and matching jewelry. I also got the most yummy chocolate covered strawberries from Mary of Puddin' Hill, and a beautiful orchid plant. He did good!! The jewelry pieces were from the babies which I thought was super sweet.

My shower was fun and I enjoyed visiting with family and friends, and appreciate all the hard work Julia put in to make it so special. You are the best girl! Look how cute everything was! And, the cake was fabulous!

The babies are taking over!! Wow, the past week there has been significant change in each of their places and movements. My stomach looks almost always deformed, as a head, butt, arms or legs are always poking out. I feel like my skin needs to stretch too, so they can have more room. I know they are growing, so that is great thing and I can't wait to find out how big they are next week. I head to the doctor on Thursday for cervical length and to see the doctor, then the following we will head to big Baylor for growth. Praying for a great report!

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