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Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Report Card Today

Today was our weekly report card with Dr. Romberg, who by the way is the best OB!! I am SO blessed to have a Christian doctor who is totally all about what is best for our babies. The appointment went well. While there was a shorten in my cervical length, she was still happy and pleased that I am doing this good. My cervical length this week was 2.6, however no funneling, so while it is not an A+ is as good as it gets in my situation. She said to keep staying on bed rest and doing what I am doing. Each week it will be different, it could gain length OR it could shorten...but I am not having contractions and no funneling from pressure above, so we are ok...this week. She also scheduled my c-section for April 20th!!! Dang that seems far, but when I make it that long, praise God, because the babies will be much more developed and spend less time in the NICU.

I also saw a regular physician today about the pain in my stomach that radiates through my back. She said it could be gallbladder, however no there other tests that can be run while I am pregnant. She also said it could just be baby pain with everything being crammed together. She does want to run a series of blood work to make sure it is not a stomach ulcer, and also to check my liver enzymes, etc. So, we will say how that turns out. I will have to go back for the blood work another day.

My Mimi and Papa picked me up from the doctor so Jack could leave there for work, and that was so sweet of them. These are excited great grandparents!!! They made me lunch, folded clothes and brought us 2 dinners we can thaw and have when we need it. It was great to visit with them.

I am a blessed young lady. I have a helpful husband, 3 growing babies, wonderful parents and stepparents, grandparents, family and friends. The last several days have been more difficult as I found out that I will be laid off from RFBD, the organization I have been a part of for almost 5 years. An organization very dear to my heart and whose mission I am super passionate about. While this will be a transition for our family, it will be one of a great leap of faith and yet another way for God to say "HEY, I'm in control!!!" His plan is NOT always our plan. My last day will be February 26th and while I am sad to leave and scared for the changes, I feel God specifically designed this timing for the best timing. I have always wanted to work my Mary Kay business full time when I had children and have the opportunity to be at home, and now I can focus on that and nothing else. While bed rest might not be the best option for working this business, I DO know that God WILL bless my activity according to His will, even when I can only work from my bed :) SO, if you are in need of the #1 Best Selling Brand of skin care OR a great way to make extra money, I can totally hook you up! ;)

27 weeks tomorrow, here I come!


Becky Harrison said...

Sounds like they are still cooking and growing well. April 20th!! Let's just pray that you can keep them in so they will continue to grow. I don't think that time is going to work out too well for Mike. His next RR is March 17th and then it will be another 6 weeks. Maybe we can see them at that time. Lots of hugs. Love you. Becky

Psalm112 said...

I've tried to play a little bit of catch up tonight on the excited for y'all!!!

Know we are praying!!

Meredith & Ben