Blessed with a Miracle

Abigail, Wyatt and Jessy Grace

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Howdy! Sorry for the delay in post, but sometimes I am not sure what all to write because each day is much the same. I guess I could talk about the people that come visit, the food I eat and the gifts we are blessed with, but surely that is not too interesting to read about :)

Today, was however quite eventful!! I was SO excited to get out of the house and even more excited to see SNOW! Jack was so excited at 5 am this morning when he took the dogs out and there were large flakes already on the deck. He got me out of bed to look out the window, it was awesome. My doctor's appointment was today so we left early in case of traffic or bad roads. It was a quick appointment, but great report. My cervical length is still good, at 3.2 and no funneling at all. Bed rest is for sure working right now. Tomorrow I will be 26 weeks!!! Only 2 weeks away from my 3rd trimester...pretty awesome. Next week I see the doctor and then the following week growth again on the babies. So every week for cervical length, every 2 weeks doctor, every 3 weeks baby growth...if you are were interested in my doctor schedule. I also get to go weekly to the Baylor in Mesquite which is great, much closer. Then when we go for growth of the babies, we go to big Baylor for the triplet sono machine.

SO, after my appointment Jack drove me around the country just to see the trees and snow, it was so peaceful. We stopped at one tree to take a few pictures. Don't worry I didn't stand long....just long enough to take some pictures in our historic Texas snow. It was fun. I was quickly brought back home however and it was lunch time, tuna sandwich and chips...yum!
On another note...this annoying pain in my upper stomach is just NOT going away. In the past week the burning, stabbing pain has gone from at least a 6 to a 9 pain scale. It feels like someone is taking a sharp, hot rod through my stomach. Ugh. This really is my only constant complaint. A few weeks ago I had a sono on all my parts, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, etc...but nothing. However this pain is something, it is not baby pain, not that. Anywho this morning I got sick after I ate breakfast and went to bed last night with the pain way after I ate and woke up this morning with it still there, so it is not just when I eat. Praying for healing, but also have an appointment with a general physician the same day as my OB appointment next week, so I am hoping for some answers. Although there might not be anything they can do at this point, I just want to be sure nothing is going to rupture or hurt the babies. Or if there is any relief they can give me.

But, let's end on a positive note....the babies seem to be doing great!!! I can tell they are growing, their movements are stronger and more often. I am assuming as some point they will have more limited room, but right now they are still moving around a lot. Poor little Abigail, she has to be tired of her brother and sister hanging out on top of her, however I am sure she is more annoyed with Wyatt since she only gets kicked from him. I can't wait for Abigail and Jessy Grace to formally meet. This morning at my appointment Abigail's little bottom was right over my bladder, such a cute little hiney-bo!

Jack is being wonderful and every morning bringing me a great breakfast and dinner some nights as well. We have had a lot of great food from so many friends and family which helps him tremendously. Because of this weather he has been home a little more this weel, he is doing a great job as Mr. Mom.

So another week at home, praise God! And, another week of a cookin'!

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Heather said...

Yayyyyy! Sounds WONDERFUL!!! I haven't forgotten about you! Things have just been EXTREMELY crazy here! Now the snow...grrr, Ive been SO wanting snow all winter and RIGHT before I'm suppose to catch a flight {w/my 5 yr old} STANDBY....we get like 10 feet of snow!!! *sigh* Guess the whole be careful what ya wish for applies here! *giggle*
GREAT JOB MOMMA!!! Keep em' cookin!!